Free PDF Editor

Free PDF Editor Features

- Absolutely FREE PDF Editor!
- Easy to install
- Edit and insert text inside the PDF file
- Insert headers and footers
- Extract, replace, delete and insert images
- Resize and crop images
- Edit document properties and remove unwanted objects
- Optimize and shrink PDF files
- PDF Editor compatible with any Windows

Q: Do I have to register the program once it is setup?

A: The PDF editor is free to use with registration.

Q: Is PDF Editor free?

A: Yes, this is freeware PDF Editor.

Q: Does the PDF editor allow me to change the metadata?

A: Yes. Click on "files" and then "properties" and change the author, title, subject or keywords.

Learn also how to combine PDF files

PDF is an acronym for "portable document format". It is a file format developed in 1993 and used to represent various applications in one universal file. The PDF can be viewed without needing to have the original software that produced the document. The PDF file contains a complete description of the established layout, including text, fonts, graphics and any other information necessary to display it.

A free PDF editor allows the user to edit text, shapes and graphics without the need of downloading a PDF print driver. The program is easy to use and the learning curve is short. The program supports multi PDF pages into one PDF document.

The free PDF editor is an executable file that is small and compact and is used to create PDF files. The user can edit the necessary PDF document and recreate a new PDF document in one easy step. There is no special training necessary to use the program, just a basic understanding of computer software and hardware manipulation and the ability to follow simple directions.

The PDF editor software is a standalone program and can be loaded onto a hard drive or used via a flash drive. No matter which method is used, the user has the ability to insert text, images, shapes and other graphics, as well as, move the objects around, including resizing. Text can be inserted simply by utilizing the "insert text" option and drop the text into place. The PDF editor software allows the user to change the fonts, colors, text style and size.

Rectangles and ellipses can be added or revised through the edit option and also to change colors, border size, and style and infill color. The same can be used to delete the elements, as well. The program supports most image formats.

The software can also be used to edit and combine text and spreadsheet documents into one PDF document rather than using multiple documents and risking a document getting lost in the shuffle or being damaged. The software can also be used to resize the pages, either larger or smaller to accommodate a new and improved layout.

PDF editor is ideal for work groups who are creating and editing documents from different locations, regardless of the availability of application software. The edited version of the document will retain the same formatting as the original. This saves time when the final document is ready for publication.

The software is compatible with most operating systems including Windows XP, 2003, Vista Starter and Vista Home Basic. The download Wizard guides the user through the setup process, making it very easy to get the software up and running and workable very quickly. The software also includes a help guide that shows the user step by step how to edit a PDF file.

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Our PDF Editor program is an ideal sample of a pdf editor freeware. Download pdf editor free and enjoy now.