Free PDF Editor - frequently asked questions

Free PDF Editor Features

- Absolutely FREE PDF Editor!
- Easy to install
- Edit and insert text inside the PDF file
- Insert headers and footers
- Extract, replace, delete and insert images
- Resize and crop images
- Edit document properties and remove unwanted objects
- Optimize and shrink PDF files
- PDF Editor compatible with any Windows

Q: Why has PDF become the international standard for documents?

A: A PDF document is a universal document and allows the exchange of documents regardless of the software used to create the document. PDF also retains the integrity of the document, allowing it to be viewed exactly as it was produced.

Q: What features are included in a free PDF editor program?

A: The PDF editor allows file viewing, editing and printing. It allows securing the document with password controls.

Q: Do I have to register the program once it is setup and ready to use?

A: The PDF editor is free to use with registration.

Q: How long should the download and installation take?

A: With a normal Internet connection, it will take less than 5 minutes to download the free PDF editor and take another 5 to 10 minutes to install and setup the program.

Q: Does the PDF editor allow me to change the metadata?

A: Yes. Click on “files” and then “properties” and change the author, title, subject or keywords.

Q: Does PDF editor allow me to delete or select entire pages?

A: Adding or deleing entire pages with the PDF editor is easy. Click on the PDF Tools tab and chooses “Insert Page” or “Delete Page.” The program will also renumber the document pages automatically, or the numbering can be turned off.

Q: Can I load the PDF editor software on more than one computer? Are there any load limitations?

A: The software can be used on more than one computer and can be loaded as many times as desired. Always check to see if there is an updated version before loading the program to be sure that latest and greatest program is being used